Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A New On-Line Doc Savage Pastiche

I recently received a comment on my blog by Jean Michel, a writer and artist who has been a Doc Savage fan for many years. He has some of his graphics art-work on display on the "Clash City Design" blogspot.

Jean informed me that he was writing his own Doc Savage pastiche on a blogspot entitled Doc Savage & His Furious Five in The Sinister Plot of Helmut Faust. He asked that I read it and comment on it.

It can be viewed here:

What Jean has done is very interesting. He has re-imagined the characters and created an alternative "Doc Savage" storyline in which familiar names and characters are portrayed in an unfamiliar way. Doc Savage purists may balk at the boldness of his reshaping of the character Lester Dent created, but I have always enjoyed the occasional "Imaginary" or "What if?" stories that were seen on occasion in 1960s comics but have become a mainstay in the comic book world since Alan Moore wrote his ground-breaking "Watchmen" in the 1980s.

Jean is a good writer and he keeps the story moving as he introduces new elements in his own take on the Doc Savage mythos. I await with anticipation his new twist on the old characters and background material. Jean does so many new things that I do not want to give spoilers to his story line.

In any case I am enjoying this exercise in creative writing and I hope that other Doc Savage fans will likewise enjoy them.

One thing I hope to see in the future are some graphic images by Jean depicting the characters and scenes from his story.

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