Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Farmerphile #14 has a lot for Doc Savage fans!


The Farmerphile Magazine Issue #14 has several articles that will be of interest to Doc Savage fans.

First of all well known artist Keith Howell is presenting for the first time a graphic representation of the the Wildman Coat of Arms that Phil Farmer had first described in his biographical work Doc Savage: An Apocalyptic Life. Win Eckert arranged for this and I encourage all Doc Savage fans to thank him for this. I have been waiting 34 years for this. Hopefully the new coat of Arms will be available for t-shirts, posters and coffee mugs.

Then we have a excerpt from the new novel written by Phil Farmer and Win Eckert The Evil in Pemberley House. It is the story of Doc Savage's daughter Patricia as she comes to claim her rightful inheritance in England in 1973. The story has many connections to the Wold Newton Universe and its extended family of adventurers. Currently, the authors are searching for a publisher. It is hoped that this completed story will be published very soon.

There is also an article by Savageologist Rick Lai The Doc Ravage Presidential Campaign. All of you are familiar with Rick Lai's masterful Doc Savage Chronology. This new article should be a real treat.

They are also running an article of mine This Played in Peoria? which is based on a brief speech I made at the Farmercon 90 celebration of Phil Farmer's 90th birthday in July 2008.

You may follow the link below to order your copy:



Win Scott Eckert said...

Art, many thanks for taking the time to spread the word!



Arthur C. Sippo MD, MPH said...

Win, it is my pleasure. All of us in Pulp fandom have greatly appreciated the contributions made by you, PJF, and the folks at Farmerphile. There is great anticipation for the new collaborative works that you, Chris Carey, Tracy Knight and Paul Spiteri have done with Phil Farmer. Some of the best reading of my life was during Phil's Pulp period in the 1970s and 80s and you are bring into print works that I have anitipated for DECADES. I can't tell you how much this all means to me personally.

Any readers who are interested should check out this link:



Win Scott Eckert said...

Issue 14 is now available! Got my copies today and they look great...




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